Mortgage For The Self Employed Mississauga

Lenders are often reluctant to give mortgage loans to self-employed people. Good thing is with Last Stop Mortgage brokers you can get loans at amazing interest rates. Every self employed person makes different amounts of money.

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Mortgage Self Employed People Made Easy

It is up to you how much mortgage you will be able to pay off, our duty is to introduce you to the best lenders who are willing to give you a mortgage. With proper documentation you can get a mortgage easily and quickly. Documents you need to apply for a mortgage as a self employed person is proof of income, and income tax documents that you are filing with Canada Revenue Agency. Any lender private or major banks needs to be sure about your income. They will only give you a mortgage loan if they see you capable of paying off your loan.

Last Stop Mortgage has helped thousands of self employed people get in touch with lenders who have given them mortgages to buy their dream home. We know a wide variety of lenders who are willing to give mortgages to self-employed people at amazing rates. These lenders are more flexible with paperwork requirements and can assist you in obtaining a self-employed mortgage based on a fair calculation of your annual income.

Get Mortgage As A Self Employed Person

People who have all the needed documents to show as a proof of income can get a mortgage from standard banks. However, many self-employed people do not have a consistent income and are not able to show proper proof of income. However, lack of documents shouldn’t stop you from getting a mortgage. With private lenders who look at your credit score, the value of your property, the demand of the property in the market,etc. Private lenders don’t need detailed documentation. When you go through banks they will need to see a proper income source which has to be consistent every month, you have to be in the business for at least two months, your business has to be registered as self-employed proprietorship and you need to have declared income in your tax returns.

Are You Self-Employed With A Bad Credit Score Or Low Income

If you are looking for a lender to give you a mortgage loan, having a bad credit score sucks. A traditional lender such as a bank will probably not take the risk of giving you a loan. Moreover if you do not have consistently high income in the last two months, the chances of getting a mortgage goes down even further. We at Last stop Mortgage help you get a mortgage even when you have a bad cibil score and low income. We can sit with you, get to know what kind of loan you are capable of paying, how much interest you will be able to take on and what kind of property you are wanting to buy. We will discuss your needs and advice you needed procedures to get a mortgage either from a traditional lender or a private lender.

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Are You Self-Employed And Over 55 Years Of Old

If you are over 55 years old chances are that the major bank will refuse to give you a loan. Moreover if you are self-employed the situation worsens. No matter how much money you are making, a self employed person who is older than 50 has a difficult time getting a loan through traditional lenders. That is why you have us. We can get you in touch with lenders who will give you a mortgage loan at comparable interest rates as the market. If you are having bad luck getting turned down by multiple banks, come to us. We are your helpers in helping you get the finances for your new house or vacation house. Give us a call if you have any queries.



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