Humber River

The Humber River is a river in Canada’s southern province of Ontario. It is a tributary of Lake Ontario and one of two important rivers on either side of Toronto, the other being the Don River to the east. It is located in the Great Lakes Basin. On September 24, 1999, it was named a Canadian Heritage River. It has a lovely hiking track for you to enjoy. Some locations are ideal for a picnic. During the winter, the river freezes and is a wonderful place to visit. If you enjoy kayaking, this is the ideal river for you, as it is both safe and attractive. It’s ideal for walking, running, riding, and even skating.

Credit River

The Credit River is a river in southern Ontario that travels from its headwaters in Orangeville and Caledon East to Port Credit, Mississauga, where it empties into Lake Ontario. Despite urbanisation and accompanying water quality issues in the lower stretch of the river, Chinook salmon and rainbow trout use it to spawn. At Streetsville, there is a fish ladder on the river. A large portion of the river is still navigable by canoe or kayak. A native self-sustaining brook trout population and an introduced brown trout population coexist in the Credit River’s headwaters.

Art Gallery of Mississauga

Mississauga’s Art Gallery is a public, non-profit art gallery in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It’s on Celebration Square, across from Square One Mall, at the Mississauga Civic Centre. In addition to regular art social events, workshops for adult learners, and youth programmes for schools, universities, and community groups, the Gallery is open every day and offers free entry and guided exhibition tours. On a rotating basis, the Gallery hosts roughly 18 exhibitions every year.

Centennial Park

Riverside Drive and Campus Avenue are on the northeast corner. In 1978, the site was purchased for recreational purposes from Lewis Homes of California. Centennial Park was built with park development money in 1983. Campus Avenue was the park’s original name. Ontario Centennial Park was dedicated in 1982, the city’s centennial year, but did not open until 1983. After receiving name submissions as part of a naming contest, the park was given its name. The extra-long name was given to make the park’s location easier to identify; nevertheless, the park is now just known as Centennial Park. Things to do at Centennial Park includes Barbecue, Exercise Equipment, play Basketball Court, have picnic, walk, run, skate, Bike, kid’s playground.

Rattray Marsh Conservation Area

On 90 acres of Lake Ontario shoreline in Mississauga, Rattray Marsh offers a rare natural cobble beach. This environmentally sensitive wetland, which is the last remaining lakefront marsh between Toronto and Burlington, provides a unique urban experience for nature lovers. This area, which is part of the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail, features a long boardwalk that is accessible to people of all abilities. In the heart of the city, walkers can enjoy spring trilliums, local and migrant birds, and a waterfront perspective.

Square One

Square One is one of Canada’s finest shopping complexes. There are more than 360 shops and services there. You’ll discover some of the best shops in the mall, and don’t forget to stop by the food court for a bite to eat. The food court is well-known for its cuisine, and Square One is a must-visit. There are 13 coffee shops in the mall, and the best coffee can be found here. So, go shopping by yourself or with your family and discover Square One, which is undoubtedly one of Mississauga’s top destinations.

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