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If you are new to Canada you have to start all over again. Whether it is personally, professionally or financially, being new to a country means starting from the scratch. Well you are not alone, every year nearly 250 thousand people immigrate to Canada who make it just alright in the country.
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If you are planning to buy a new house in Canada, it can be a problem to find a lender for the mortgage. Immigrants’ credit histories and credit ratings do not follow them from country to country, so they must start over once they arrive in Canada. The good news is that building credit from scratch is much easier than rebuilding from bad credit, and Canada offers a wide range of loan and credit options for newcomers. Even if you are not a permanent-residence of Canada you can get a mortgage. When you hire Last Stop Mortgage, we help you through the whole process of finding the perfect lender.

The documentation you need for applying for a loan or mortgage is your residential status, and your credit history from the previous country you lived in. For people with good credit scores and permanent residence in Canada, you may get loans from typical banks, however, if your credit score is not that great and you are still not a permanent resident you might have to go for private lenders. Good thing is you will get willing lenders and reasonable interest rates when you find a mortgage broken like us. We know the market well. We have done research and we know all the possible private lenders. We can help you get a great mortgage deal with longer term, lower monthly pays and lower interest rates. If you do the needed paperwork or lack some documentation, no worries. We help you get loans with whatever documentation you have. We are polite and helpful in every step of the way. We understand being a new country and looking for finances is not easy. That is why our friendly team is always here to assist you each step of the way. We do not let you get overwhelmed.

Getting your first home is always the most important step in your new life. We help people who are new to Canada find their first home. We will find you the perfect lender who will give you a mortgage loan with your unique needs. There are multiple options available to choose from. You could go for a fixed, variable or adjustable mortgage rate. If you do not understand the terms or know which one will be the best for you, you have us. We will answer any questions you may have.

People who have 3 months of permanent employment or 2 years of self-employment in Canada, are eligible for mortgage loans. As a well-established mortgage broker we can find you the best lender for your situation. We know private lenders that specialize in newcomer mortgage services. Borrowers with both permanent and non-permanent residence status may apply for financing through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

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Our experts have years of experience in finding the perfect lender, you can give you advice on downpayment specifications. For example, according to mortgage law 5% down payment must be paid from your own funds. It’s also likely that your relatives will gift you the down payment, or that your company will subsidise it as part of your relocation agreement. We can also get you pre-approved mortgages. We will help you through the paperwork and the process of buying a home in Canada, and make you aware of the policies. We can help you save money and prevent you from falling into a trap.



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